Garage Remodeling

People are amazing! It’s always amazing how human could makes thing better. Most of us have no time to do garage remodeling, some just never even think about it. Despite of those, there are always someone who manage to squeeze some times from their busy life to rack their brain and be creative. I know, cool right?

I guess there’s a lot challenge in doing garage remodeling. The basic design of garage itself, the size, the lighting, a lot. If it’s me, I might just let things pile up and make sure to have a comfy sofa and my favorite books. Then I’ll fall asleep on the sofa while planning to do something about the garage the next day, and the next day, and there goes the loops. I guess I’m not so passionate huh? *chuckle

Actually there would be a lot of idea right? All you need to do is just write “garage remodel” on google it. Voala! All idea needed is there sire. Which is.. a problem. Eh? Why? Well, everything look fantastic and you would want to try all of them which will only lead to disaster of idea and stuff. At least you should start working the rough overall look that you desired. You can start with something like: “I want a comfy place”, which means warm, less stuff, minimum ornament etc etc. But as always, it is never as easy as it sounds. However, there are always someone who manage to do it though. Like who? Well, here’s an example: French architects firm Fabre | de Marien.

I found about their works while stumbling (as always) just a few minutes ago. It just great, from garage into a nice living space for a couple. Wow!

Here is before looks:

And here is after:

Even from the outside you can tell that the inside must be amazing (well, compare to a garage). No kidding peeps, it has everything. Name it. Living room? Kitchen? Cozy sofa? Warm Bedroom? Bathroom? Well this place have it all. No, no, I wasn’t lying. Let me show how it looks inside:

For more pic, you can visit this site. They even share the garage’s blueprint. This garage is way better than my house if I should say. It’s comfy and warm and it has everything. Great job Guys!

I hope you are inspired peeps, have a nice day!

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