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I believe in love at the first sight because ‘miracle’ is the definition on love. Just like the greatest gift, I comes without warning. Should I find reasons just by finding love on my first sight?

-English Translation


My bestie and I love to talk about stuff, random stuff. We could chat about technology and then move to foods or about trends. The perks of having someone who knows you best is that you don’t have to hold back. No need to think about images or being cool. How cool is that?

To tell you the truth, those quoted mushy words above is mine. Well, Duh No! Why would I believe in love at the first sight? It’s something we made up for a contest. The question was: “Do you believe in love at first sight? Tell us your reason ♥”. Cincah and I was having quite a hard time to make a desirable answer. I don’t really care since the prize was just a novel and I don’t really like the genre of that novel. Cincah on the other hand, seems to aim for the prize (thanks captain obvious, of course she is!). So we debated (?) for a while about what kind of answer we should give.

At first, I told cincah that I might not help much since this theme is not a likable topic for me. All readers might have known by now that we are both dark and twisted. Why would we believe in such fairytale? Dude.. Given the case, cincah gave up trying to give a remarkable sweet answer of why she chose to believe it. Why not be the winner who dare to say that she doesn’t believe in it? That’s when I said: “you sure you could win that way? well, this is not about being rational, it’s about being emotional and sweet and wow! haha”. Thanks to that, we got confused again. How the hell do we make a sweet line saying we agreed on something when we basically against it??

No worries peeps, we both are expert of blending with people (?) so this shouldn’t be so hard right? So after a very long chat we came up with a great line. This is when I have to work, make it sweet, make it romantic. Oh, you don’t know yet? I am good in making poetry. Once in the blue moon (well, actually most of the time) I just came out with a sweet word and I don’t even realize it. Haha, yeay me? Well since I got the basic line, making it mushy is not that hard actually. Those quoted words is what we end up submitting (of course the original version – Indonesian – sounds much romantic given I’m not that good in translating them into English). Quite a lot of people also join this contest and I thought our works was marvelous so I just conclude that we will win.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see the sign that our work are being praised or something alike so we got depressed for a while. Bu seeing the other works, it should be no competition. So why? I end up forget about the contest when suddenly a chat from cincah comes to my phone:CINCAAH I WIN!!

Hah! So we did win. Well done us! bahaha. From now on, thou shall call me Queen of Romance (what the hell, fitri??). Anyway it feels like a foul for us to win when we didn’t even mean a single word that we write. But it’s a win! Who cares about other silly stuff. I think cincah will write a post about this when she recieve the prize and when she did, I’ll post the link to that post here. So, stay tune peeps!


This is the link that I’ve promised:
Putridejour: Love at The First Sight.

That’s for now.
Sweet dream 🙂

Fitri ♥

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