Sleeping Sperm

As you grew older, you talk about sex like it was some kind of food. A very common topic. So I used to think that hey, by 20th yo, you would already knew all there is to know about this sport. Yeah, it seems fun, risky, but hey it’s necessary for human race. Without it, we’ll perish. It hurts my heart however to see both news about children who are ruined by sex forcefully or those who does sex willingly. Yeah, it’s fun, it feels great. Wait, actually, I have no idea. I am a moslem who hasn’t married yet so I have no idea if it would feel great. But pardon my curiosity I have too much information!

One day, I was on the internet, mother of knowledge. I happened to stumble across a very stupid post where a girl said something like: “I only have sex at night because the sperm would be sleeping. So, I won’t get pregnant and will stay a virgin”, plus hash tags #smart. I was like, is this real? I mean this kind of girl is real? WHO THE HELL HAVE SEX AND DO NOT KNOW THAT NO SPERM IS SLEEPING AND WITHOUT PROPER PROTECTION THERE COMES A BABY?

One thought on “Sleeping Sperm

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