Garage Remodeling

People are amazing! It’s always amazing how human could makes thing better. Most of us have no time to do garage remodeling, some just never even think about it. Despite of those, there are always someone who manage to squeeze some times from their busy life to rack their brain and be creative. I know, cool right?

I guess there’s a lot challenge in doing garage remodeling. The basic design of garage itself, the size, the lighting, a lot. If it’s me, I might just let things pile up and make sure to have a comfy sofa and my favorite books. Then I’ll fall asleep on the sofa while planning to do something about the garage the next day, and the next day, and there goes the loops. I guess I’m not so passionate huh? *chuckle

Actually there would be a lot of idea right? All you need to do is just write “garage remodel” on google it. Voala! All idea needed is there sire. Which is.. a problem. Eh? Why? Well, everything look fantastic and you would want to try all of them which will only lead to disaster of idea and stuff. At least you should start working the rough overall look that you desired. You can start with something like: “I want a comfy place”, which means warm, less stuff, minimum ornament etc etc. But as always, it is never as easy as it sounds. However, there are always someone who manage to do it though. Like who? Well, here’s an example: French architects firm Fabre | de Marien.

I found about their works while stumbling (as always) just a few minutes ago. It just great, from garage into a nice living space for a couple. Wow!

Here is before looks:

And here is after:

Even from the outside you can tell that the inside must be amazing (well, compare to a garage). No kidding peeps, it has everything. Name it. Living room? Kitchen? Cozy sofa? Warm Bedroom? Bathroom? Well this place have it all. No, no, I wasn’t lying. Let me show how it looks inside:

For more pic, you can visit this site. They even share the garage’s blueprint. This garage is way better than my house if I should say. It’s comfy and warm and it has everything. Great job Guys!

I hope you are inspired peeps, have a nice day!


DIY Jewelery Project

Time for jewelery project, yeay!! I really love jewelery especially Rings and Bracelets. Of course, the one that you made is one of a kind which make it all the more special. It’s the best if I could say! ๐Ÿ™‚
These are a few beautiful and cute DIY Jewely Project that I found. Hope you enjoy.

  1. DIY Fork Bracelet

  2. DIY: Wearable Words

  3. DIY: Name Bracelet

  4. DIY: Strawberry Necklace (my favorite)

  5. DIY: Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

  6. DIY: Colored Pencil Jewelry

  7. DIY: Peacock Feather Earrings

  8. DIY: Five Stranded Braid Bracelet

  9. DIY: Simple Wooden Rings

  10. DIY: Double Wrap Bracelet

And those are 10 great jewelery DIY project that I found. Time for some creative jewelery peeps, have a nice day!


Hair Styling, YEAY!

Love playing with your hair? Me too! *high five*

Thanks to the internet, I manage to find a lot of great page for beauty tips. Well, when it comes to hairstyling, my pick is Kayley Melissa on her youtube channel: LetsMakeitUp. Her hair styling tutorial is easy to follow and the video quality is nice too. I have downloaded a lot of videos from her youtube! Thanks sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚ (big hug)

This is her pic (stolen from her facebook):

If you want to visit her facebook, just click the pic above.

Yeah, I know. Her hair is great isn’t it? But no worries peeps, you don’t have to own such a great hair to be able to have a cute hair-do. We all deserve some cute hair-do, don’t we? Anyway she’s quite active on the internet. You can find her on facebook, twitter and her first plus second youtube channel.

Oh, for those who are too lazy to go to youtube, here’s one of her awesome videos:

Cat Ear’s Hair Tutorial:


For more fantastic tutorial, feel free visit her channel peeps ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s it for now


The Beauty Department

I’ve been a big fans of this page for a while. There are beauty tips, make-up tips, cosmetic reviews plus some beautiful hair-do. Ah, don’t forget the tutorials too!

And here’s the amazing people who’ve make this page possible:

Amy Nadine! She’s responsible for make up! I especially like her post about nude lipstick (see this post here). Of course there’s a lot more like some tutorial for using your eye liner etc, etc. For more fancy tips, just go visit the page peeps!

Ah, don’t forget another amazing people:

Yep, Kristin Ess! She is responsible for hair and nails tutorial. As a girl who really love to try various cute hair-do, she’s my goddesses! Well, you know, I am the owner of a very wild anti-gravitation curly hair. I braid my hair all he time and it’s kinda boring and dull. Thanks to her, I can do various cute braid without afraid of looking so dull.

The Beauty Department, I โ™ฅ you!

Inspired :)

Hello bloggers! Good Morning ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s 4 a.m, and I have nothing to do so I decided to write something.

Ah, ah, did anybody know that I am quite into design? I used to watch some TV programs about design interior, building architecture, fashion design, and especially love this program where a talented person ‘upgrade’ some below average looking people into fabulous person (always makes me feel like saying: “hey! check this out!“).

Now, as the owner of a plus body, I am really really into become skinnier than I do right now. Why? Because I wanna look fabulous. Because I don’t have the talent to transform me into fabulous me. So, I kind of controlled my self from over-eating. I didn’t count my calorie intake but I just make sure to eat just as much as I need. It’s hard to discipline your tummy so once and then I ignores this bloody-rule I brought upon my self which explain why Iย stay on plus size.

And surprise! Did you know that the rate of overweight people in Indonesia is close to the rate of overweight people in USA? Maybe since we adopted other country culture (included eating habit), and since it’s Indonesia we tend to look at American’s life style, we end up consuming that much of junk food and become overweight as result. Ah~ all I want is to eat without becoming fat.

And I used to think that I am normal, since my body Body Mass Index a.k.a BMI is at the normal range. But, did you know that BMI is no longer an ideal body measurement to know whether you are skinny, normal, or overweight? I am not quite sure but there is this new standard by comparing you height and you waist line. It said that some people stored most of their fat like at their arm or waist, or whereEverItCouldBe, but having a huge number of waist line means danger, since it’s not healthy. But enough of this smart stuff crap, let’s move to living reality.

Did you know Nadia Aboulhosn? I knew about her while googling about plus-size fashion blog. There are quite a list of names showed but among all of them I like her the most, and my body figure is almost like her. Yeah I don’t have the perfect hour glass body figure more like almost pear shaped one, but she inspired me! You see, she look fabulous! Here’s the prove:

She look great even with all those fat, so why can’t I? And I was so inspired by hijab fashion blogger who look just as great with anything that they wear. Damn! I wanna look that great too! urgh. But unfortunately so far I only encountered with those blogger with skinny body. Ah of course they’d look great in whatever they wear (as long as it not showing your skin and bony body :p ). But there must be potential to make every plus-size people as fashionable as the skinny one. Ah! Now I miss my sewing machine ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Anyway, I am currently craving for a long cardigan to match with a knee-length dress, plus an eye catching belt, this is it, this is it! I wanna wear this so~ much!

I am craving for this style~~~
Where’s my sewing machine? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ