Bored? Visit: 9gag

This is one of my favorite way of wasting my time on the Internet. There are 2 pages actually, one that share picture, animated picture and videos of funny and interesting things all over the world plus a page that share videos only. For the first page, you can visit: You don’t have to own an account to enjoy all of those wonder but some adult content is blocked and can only be view by logging in. It’s not really an adult content by the way, just a picture that uhm not very appropriate for child like too much skin.

So, what kind of post can you find there? Well, maybe some post about people talent or skill like this one:

or maybe some post about cute gif like this one:

or.. some random thought like this one:


And so much more! (too lazy to write). So make sure to visit it, k? Ah, another one is If you find going thru youtube to find amazing or funny videos are too bothersome, why not go to instead? You can see a lot of cool stuff shared here, like these videos below:

And many more. So, are you bored? Come and visit then! Hope you enjoy, have a nice day peeps!