Blog Review, Bestie Edition: Cul!

Oh well, it’s hard to make a review about her blog since she hardly write anything there. This post is dedicated for all of lost reader who end up at my blog on their way of finding out about Cul. Like this guy here:

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She is her, NOVA RESFITA. She is an Indonesian who is currently continuing her study to master degree somewhere in Europe. A smart, positive and strong willed person as she is, she got this chance to pursue her dream of living abroad and eventually studying there on a scholarship. Since she is kinda famous here, I bet you all are coming here to know more about her struggle to get the scholarship right? Anyway, this is her pic:

She is active on internet so she have quite a lot of social media account. You can find her on her facebook (click here), on blogspot (click here) or on wordpress (click here). You can also find her on her youtube channel: TheNovaresfita.

This is her video about her struggle to get the current scholarship. Ah, no worries! It’s in Indonesian peeps! Enjoy

PS: For fast response, it’s better try contacting her through her facebook. She is kinda famous lately so she got a lot of message. Thus, she might not respond right away. If you really need to know her have some patient and keep on trying to send her some message. She is generous and a very welcoming person so it’s okay.

That’s all for now. Have a nice day!


about this blog

I’ll make it short.
This is an old blog that I’ve made since like 2008 or 2009. But, I keep on writing and deleting its post since I can’t find where would I bring this blog to. Don’t worry though, I’ll stop doing that now. Why? because I’ve rinally decide what would I do with this old friend of mine 🙂

One of my best trait is that I always find people beautiful, good looking. When I look around I’ll amaze myself of how beautiful I accidentally take their pic or things that they left behind. So I finally decide to choose photography as my new hobby.

It’s expensive? I wont use a great DSLR though. I’ll use my phone camera and my old digital camera. I’ll take many pic before finally get a hang of how to show my object’s beautiful side.

So, this is my first attempt and the only one that looks good. It’s nothing compare to those of proffesional, but I’m improving (and that’s all matters to me)

A picture of thread that my sista left on the floor after playing with it: