Blog Review, Bestie Edition: Cincah!

She is her, a cutie who is also a childhood friend of mine: Cincah! Her name is Rahmadini Putri. She has thousands of nicknames but I prefer to call her cc (which sounds ‘cece’ in Indonesian or ‘sissy’ in English). Well, in formal term I prefer to call her Putri since she hate to be called ‘puput’ (her childhood nickname).

Most of my friend prefer to create their blog in wordpress so cc is one of the few who decide to use blogspot instead, and make no mistake she has at least 100 visits each day. Well, my blog’s stat is pale in comprison to her.

About her? As written in her page:

Gue adalah presiden geje, dan gue sangat drama queen.

More or less tell us that she is a drama queen and a silly person (not in a negative way of course). Given her personality, most of her post is um.. funny and silly. There’s also some poetic post when she is being romantic. All in all she is a picture of teenage nowadays. ♥

This is her pic btw (stolen from her blog):

Unfortunately, most of her post are in Indonesian. But no worries, we have google translate remember? Well, if you are not an Indonesian, you might not understand some of our local joke but it’s fine anyway. Her story make my day! Feel free to visit peeps 🙂